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Our Story

We believe the best things come from the heartland.

Where roots run deep and values run deeper.
Where honor has more value than dollars.
Where quality is prized above quantity.

We believe our customers not only deserve the highest quality beef.

They deserve to know where it’s from, where it’s raised and how it’s treated.

We believe that starts with the farmers and ranchers.

Farmers and ranchers who are part of this land.
Farmers and ranchers who have lived here for generations.
Farmers and ranchers who only deliver the highest quality beef that’s locally sourced, locally raised, and locally fed.

We believe our cattle deserve respect.

That means respecting how they’re treated and how they’re harvested.
That means only purchasing cattle from a 250-mile radius to reduce hauling times and stress levels.
That means designing facilities to emphasize humane treatment.

We believe that quality control isn’t something you say, it’s something you do.

We do this by taking steps to provide maximum care to ensure the cleanliness, safety and quality of the beef for increased sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint.

We don’t believe in shortcuts.

Whether it’s one of our USDA certified beef programs, a process verified program, or religious harvest program, we do what’s right to make every cut of beef right every time, every day for every customer.

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers.
We hold ourselves accountable to each other.
We hold ourselves to a higher standard and measure success based on that goal.

At DemKota, we are committed to obtaining high quality cattle from the best location in the United States, maintaining the most humane standards for our cattle, and providing the highest quality beef for our customers.