family is a very important aspect of Todd Thurston’s family farm, which started in the 1950s. Todd has found success by focusing on family values of hard work and integrity with a commitment to the well-being of his animals. His focus and passion are providing an environment in which his cattle thrive. “The biggest thing you can do is to make sure the animals are comfortable.” 

That means going the extra mile to give the animals everything they need.

With the help of his family, and making sure his cattle are healthy and satisfied, he raises healthy, wholesome food.

With his years of experience, hard work and commitment to a healthy herd, Todd is pleased to partner with DemKota Ranch to provide the greatest source of protein.

Cattle from this part of the country are the best in the world. Farmers and ranchers around here have the genetics down, and all the pieces you need to provide the best beef.
– Todd Thurston, Producer and DemKota Ranch Beef Partner