for centuries, farmers and ranchers grow up learning respect for the land and the animals in their care from the generations before before. It is from this perspective that we honor mature cattle and their contribution with humane treatment, sustainable processes and clean facilities.

DemKota Legacy Angus Standards

Exhibiting all the flavor you’ve come to expect from DemKota, Legacy Angus comes from the same high-quality stock as our Elite brand beef. Only the best of the mature Angus cattle qualify for the DemKota Legacy Angus.

  • Mature cattle are fed a corn-based ration for at least 90 days

  • Modest or higher marbling provides consistent flavor profiles, for better eating experience

  • No Dark Cutters or Yellow Fat

  • No Beta-Agonists

DemKota Legacy Angus, our premium brand for grain fed mature cattle, are raised on the lush prairies of the Midwest, and are sourced from within a 250 mile of radius of the Aberdeen, S.D. plant. Devoted to the idea that all cattle have value well into maturity, they are fed with a finishing corn ration which helps them transition from a grass-fed diet to corn and silage. In house grading of modest or higher marbling offers great flavor.

These animals deserve our respect and are more than deserving of being a center of the plate protein.