For generations, our ranchers have worked on this land, born into families who know the value of hard work and take pride in raising the most sought-after cattle in the nation. Holding a deep respect of the great responsibility they bear in bringing the best beef to their own family, neighbors, and friends. They ensure their cattle are from the finest Angus genetics, well fed, well cared for and well treated throughout their lifetime.

From this commitment to quality comes the true spirit of the heartland and speaks to the heart of DemKota Elite. We honor this tradition of excellence and hold true to these values with every cut of DemKota beef. DemKota Elite beef is our signature product, delivering the finest flavor, juiciness and tenderness that is simply the best.

DemKota Elite Angus Standards

Rather than purchasing by volume and then sorting the carcasses, we choose our cattle to fit our high standards for eating experience. As a regional packer, the limited rail space needs to be filled with cattle that fit the program, it also ensures that everything we produce is of the highest quality. With our Elite brand, you can be sure you’re getting the finest cut of beef on the market.

The USDA, evaluate the carcasses for quality grade: based on marbling, fat within the muscle, and the age of the carcass. Marbling is what gives beef its signature tenderness, juiciness and flavor.

  • USDA Prime

    The highest grade given by the USDA, represents the highest degree of marbling for tenderness and juiciness.

  • Premium Choice

    The upper 2 of 3 tiers of the USDA Choice grades with a marbling score of Modest 00 or higher.

  • USDA Choice

    Choice grade is a USDA standard of high quality beef, tender with a juicy and flavorful taste.

What makes DemKota Elite Angus the best? Quality, plain and simple.

DemKota Elite Angus cattle raised and cared for in the heartland, where they have the freshest, highest quality feed.  Only truly Elite Angus exceed the USDA's rigorous Prime standards, AND meets all of the brand's quality specifications, with highest degree of marbling.

  • Highest degree of marbling, offering USDA Prime, Upper 2/3 Choice, and Choice.
  • Flavorful beef because the cattle are fed the best feed available every time.
  • Tenderness that is second to none. As a result of our processing methods Black Angus cattle, some of the best in the industry, serve as the target of quality for the DemKota Elite Angus program.